Being involved in the personal injury claims process can be long and confusing. Both parties may be disappointed in the process and the outcome. A cost-effective and timely alternative is to use mediation, which involves the use of a skilled third-party mediator who facilitates communication and guides the parties to reach an amicable resolution of the personal injury case.

Benefits of Personal Injury Mediation

Mediation allows a case to get on a fast track for settlement. It can help clear up delays in the claims process. The plaintiff can use mediation as a way to humanize the case and explain how the accident affected him or her. The insurance carrier can create realistic expectations regarding any potential settlement and walk away with certainty about the outcome of the case.

Additionally, mediation is confidential. The plaintiff benefits from this attribute by not having to discuss private details of his or her life in a public courtroom. The carrier can make a settlement without worrying that others will perceive it as an admission of guilt or an opening to make similar settlements.
After the parties reach an agreement, the plaintiff often receives the settlement funds much faster than if the case proceeded to litigation.

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Russ is also a certified mediator through the Montana Mediation Association, having completed the Civil Mediation training through the National Judicial College.

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