Mediation has been used in a number of practice areas for decades, including family law. Mediation is a successful alternative to prolonged, costly and disruptive litigation. Many aspects of a divorce, child custody disputes and other family law issues can be effectively resolved through mediation. Mediation often allows the parties to save time and money while minimizing family conflict.

Benefits of Family Law Mediation

There are several benefits of mediation, including:

  • Mediation is often much more affordable than litigation
  • You can avoid time delays by going through mediation
  • You can reach an amicable decision regarding child custody
  • You can create a thorough and customized parenting plan with the help of an experienced mediator
  • Your children can avoid having to testify or conflict during the proceedings
  • Property can be divided in a fair manner that you both agree on

Most families who engage in the mediation process are more satisfied with the outcomes they reach through this alternative dispute resolution method than they would be with court orders. They are also more likely to comply with the terms of the agreement since they helped reach them.

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If you are considering mediation to resolve your family law dispute or if you have questions about how family mediation can benefit you, contact Russ Fagg & Associates. We are committed to helping you resolve your legal issue in an efficient and targeted manner.

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Russ is also a certified mediator through the Montana Mediation Association, having completed the Civil Mediation training through the National Judicial College.

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