With so many parties, expensive projects and high stakes involved, construction disputes can quickly spiral out of control. Before you know out, you are in the courtroom and piling up legal fees. However, there is a better alternative: mediation.

While all parties embroiled in a dispute ultimately want to win, this “win” often comes at a steep cost. Litigation often imposes significant economic burdens on parties. It also delays possible resolution and makes the once happy partners now adversaries. Russ Fagg understands that your win can be accomplished through quick, cost-effective mediation that provides finality to the case. Mr. Fagg uses his background as a state judge and a certified mediator to achieve these goals.

Resolutions Made Possible Through Mediation

One of the most significant advantages of mediation is that the parties can craft their own resolution that addresses their needs and interests. Often, the parties are able to continue their professional relationship since they did not become enemies through the litigation process.

They can agree to creative solutions such as:

  • Modifying a contract
  • Cancelling a contract
  • Agreeing to use a particular subcontractor or third-party vendor
  • Agreeing to exclusively use each other for a future project
  • Paying damages for delays

Contact an Experienced Mediator

Russ Fagg & Associates is available to assist you with your construction dispute. We will work diligently to guide you toward a fair and discrete resolution of your case. Contact us online or call us at 406-855-0224 to schedule your mediation.

Russ Fagg & Associates Mediation

Russ is also a certified mediator through the Montana Mediation Association, having completed the Civil Mediation training through the National Judicial College.

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