Because the court system is filled with cases and does not provide the most affordable or efficient way to resolve conflict, business professionals and legal practitioners have searched for other ways to resolve legal disputes. One such alternative method to resolve disputes is arbitration. This legal process is an efficient shortcut around litigation that involves a neutral arbitrator making a final decision in a case instead of a judge.

Many insurance companies, employers, banks, contractors, government bodies and businesses have arbitration clauses in their contracts so that if a legal dispute arises, the arbitration process must be used. However, many parties who do not have this type of provision included in their contracts still choose to use arbitration because of the impressive benefits it provides.

Benefits of Arbitration

Arbitration allows the parties to have greater control over the outcome of their case. They can select an arbitrator with a robust understanding of the legal issues involved. They can also agree to terms to minimize the breadth of discovery involved in the case. There are also limited reasons when an arbitrated case can be appealed, so arbitration offers greater finality to a case.

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